Take a look inside our production facilities

At the end of March we released our new corporate identity. Step by step, we will be renewing our communication tools and updating our website. Today, a new video is online to see inside our two facilities, where we roll out over 3500 products daily, from standard products to highly customised solutions certified for major international markets. Thanks to our extensive experience, to our specialised production capabilities and broad product [...]

16 June 2021|

Enlargement of the Villa Bartolomea facility now completed

Devoted to our CO2 range of solutions by Klimal, our Villa Bartolomea facility has undergone modernisation and enlargement in recent times. Now covering 16,000 sqm, the Villa Bartolomea site comprises 6,000 sqm primarily equipped for production with modern office space for our team of CO2 experts, plus a 10,000 sqm external area which has enabled us to optimise loading, unloading and handling, and leaves room for potential expansion at a [...]

9 March 2021|

Chillventa 2020

The traditional trade show usually held in Nuremberg was held as an online event in October 2020. This was a fist time experience for many companies including Frigomec. We were glad to be able to reach some of our customers this way, but we look forward to attending the 2022 edition later in the year. We look forward to seeing you there! Check our events page for more details.

9 November 2020|