Suction accumulators with vertical heat exchanger made in 3 pieces

Suction accumulators with vertical heat exchanger are built with two bottoms and a central body (shell) made of tube. Possibility to choose among 9 diameters and variable volumes upon request, connections in steel.


Volumes from 4.5 L. up to 150 L.

Connection type

Connections on suction accumulator: ODS from Ø22 up to Ø114.3 Connections on heat exchanger: ODS from Ø16 up to Ø35. Upon request, it is possible to manufacture special models

Maximum allowable pressure

Three series are available: 25 bar / 31 bar / 34 bar. Upon request, working pressures up to max. 60 bar are available

Temperature range -10/+120°C
Product code FAS+W
Coolant type HCFC – HFC – HFO –HC, R744 and others with low GWP
up to.60bar
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