Liquid receiver with suction accumulator and heat exchanger made in 2 pieces

Both the external receiver and the internal suction accumulator are built with two deep-drawn caps.


Volumes of liquid receiver from 1.75 L. up to 18.5 L.
Volumes of suction accumulator from 1.6 L. up to 16 L.

Connection type

Connection on liquid receiver: ODS from Ø10 up to Ø18, in combination with Rotalock connections 1", 1"-1/4, 1"-3/4
Connection on suction accumulator: ODS from Ø12 up to Ø54
Upon request, it is possible to manufacture special models

Maximum allowable pressure

Two series are available:
Liquid receiver at 28 bar and suction accumulator at 20 bar
Liquid receiver at 33 bar and suction accumulator at 25 bar
Upon request, working pressures up to max. 45 are available

Temperature range -10/+120°C
Product code FAS-A
Coolant type HCFC – HFC – HFO –HC, R744 and others with low GWP
up to.33bar
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