BlackBerry had its annual analyst event last week where its CEO John Chen explained something I thought was very provocative about the future the company anticipates.

It has to do with far broader interoperability, unique dependencies, and a level of potential security risk that most other technology firms aren’t yet considering. What if our coming wave of autonomous vehicles can connect to any IoT device?

Let’s explore some safety risks associated with autonomous vehicles and the internet of things this week. Then we’ll close with my product of the week: a new tablet being released later this month that is Amazon’s first real effort to build a Surface-like laptop.

Our Frightening Autonomous IoT Future
I could have titled this our fascinating, exciting, or unforgettable autonomous IoT future but, other than BlackBerry, no one seems to be focused on the security problems that this future will bring with it. We are creating an ecosystem where cars and robots are autonomous and connected so they will be able to connect to other devices, sensors, and data repositories available to them.

Companies like Intel, Nvidia, and Qualcomm have been talking about the massive amount of training, sensors, and AI technology going into cars and the C-V2X capability for these vehicles to communicate with each other and the smart city ecosystems they will be traveling.